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[Official Licensed] Lamborghini URUS Ride On Push Car

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Official Licensed Lamborghini Urus Ride On Push Car in Yellow
Recommended for Children 1- 4 Years of Age
Original Car Paint Job
Excellent appearance, bodywork painted by ABB spray-painting Robot
With emulational steering wheel design and horn
With leather material for carseat
1 Year warranty

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Officially Licensed Lamborghini URUS Ride On Push Car

Get ready to watch your child have a blast zooming around in this Lamborghini Urus Ride On Push Car! With amazing features and a sleek look, kids will never forget this one of a kind childhood toy.

The Lamborghini URUS Ride On Push Car comes with original car paint job and operating steering wheel that plays music and horn sounds. Batteries needed.

Do not miss out on getting your child one of the best gifts of their life!

Brand Authorized

Product Brand: Rastar
Authorized Brand: Lamborghini
Produced under license of Lamborghini

Product Specifications

Product: Lamborghini
Color: Red/Yellow
Feature: Officially licensed Lamborghini URUS ride on push car - This RASTAR Foot to Floor offers imaginative fun for younger kids' learning and playing. Intently watch the development of their leg and ankle.
With emulational steering wheel design and horn With leather material for carseat.
Certification:European Union standards ROHS, CE and the US standards UL, FCC, and SGS
Material: PP, ABS
Age: 1.5-4 years old
Product Size: 68CM x 41CM x 31CM
Package Size: 72CM x 32.5CM x 29CM
Limited load: 20KG
Weight: 4KG
Package: Ride-On Push Car x 1

Improve Mobility

It's essential for toddlers and young children to be able to balance as they learn to walk and run. Ride-on toys build these gross motor skills by encouraging the use of large muscle groups. When kids climb on and off of ride-on toys, they need to balance themselves to avoid falling. Once on the toy, they begin to engage their leg muscles to push themselves along or move the pedals. Rocking toys require leg and core muscles to move back and forth. Fine motor skills also come into play with ride-ons. Manipulating steering wheels or handlebars requires children to use smaller muscles and teaches coordination between the hands, arms, legs, and feet. Embellishments such as pretend radio knobs, horns, or bells all require little hands to be able to grasp, push, and turn to make them work. The more kids engage with these types of toys, the easier it becomes for them to move their bodies in complex ways.

Encourage Exercise

Most adults look at exercise as something difficult and unpleasant. Projecting this attitude to kids sets a poor example and suggests that exercise can't be fun. Starting kids out early with ride-on toys creates a much more positive image of exercise. In fact, when kids are zooming back and forth on their favorite ride-ons, they won't even realize that they're exercising. Ride-ons are an easy way to encourage kids to move around, and it's not hard to get a child of any age to spend time on a ride-on toy. As long as he or she enjoys the type of toy and can move it easily, chances are a child will be happy to ride until he or she is tired.

Inspire Independent Play

Though kids should always be supervised when using ride-on toys, the type of play that these toys encourage is largely independent. Kids learn to move under their own power, making it possible to get from one place to another in a way that's more complex and yet easier than walking. Riding around the house, the yard, or the neighborhood gives kids a chance to take in their surroundings on their own. This not only helps them learn to form opinions and draw conclusions about the world, but it also sets the stage for the type of independent thinking that they'll need in order to succeed in school and in the workforce.

Build Confidence

As kids learn to coordinate the different movements necessary to power ride-on toys, they gain confidence in their own abilities. Moving up from toys that they push with their feet to one with pedals, changing from tricycles to bicycles, or graduating to bikes without training wheels are all milestones in which kids can take pride. The more comfortable they become with ride-on toys, the more challenges they'll be able to face. This confidence translates to other areas of life, helping kids to deal with difficulties that arise as they learn and grow.

Put Kids Outdoors

Television, computers, video games, and tablet devices are increasingly replacing outdoor play for kids. However, getting up off the couch and out into the fresh air is an essential part of childhood. Kids who spend time outdoors tend to be healthier and are more likely to choose outdoor activities as they grow older. Since most ride-on toys can be used in the backyard, on the sidewalk, or at a local park, they encourage kids to leave electronics behind for productive outdoor play. Being outside gives kids positive stimulation from natural surroundings that they won't get from hours spent sitting in front of a screen.


Additional Information

Brands Lamborghini
Voltage No

1 customer reviews

  1. My baby grand nefhew love it

    Review by Simon H (Posted on March 19, 2017)

    My baby grand nefhew love it

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